So You Want to go Dog Sledding in Alberta?

If you are looking for the ultimate experience dog sledding in Alberta then the Canadian Rocky Mountains in winter are your destination of choice. Man made borders mean nothing to the majestic Rockies. They straddle the BC and Alberta border and provide some of the best winter sport venues in the world. Cold Fire Creek, just over the border in BC, offers dog sledding to Alberta and British Columbia visitors and residents.


Dog sledding is a multi-jurisdictional affair using Alaskan Huskies for their speed, endurance, good feet, good coat and good attitude and BC and Alberta dog sled tour guides for their experience, “can do” attitude and love of dogs. Dog sledding in Alberta parks is not allowed so Cold Fire Creek Dog Sledding Tours offers dog sled tours in BC, just over the Alberta border a short drive from Jasper and Banff, Alberta.


Dog sledding Alberta and dog sledding BC join forces at Cold Fire Creek where you can choose from dog sledding tours that take an hour, 3 hours, 4 hours or overnight. Contact us to book your dog sledding Alberta or BC tour today.