Cold Fire Creek Offers Your Choice of Canadian Dog Sled Tours

Dog sled tours come in all sizes. The 60 Minute Musher is great for large groups or families with young children or for those who just want a taste of what dog sled tours are all about and don’t have a lot of time to spend.


The Moonshiners of Whiskey Creek dog sled tours are 3 hour tours that follow the frozen Small River through undisturbed BC winter landscape deep into the heart of the Canadian Rockies. These dog sled tours include a hearty trail side lunch cooked over an open campfire and time to meet your new four legged friends. There is lots of time for BC and Alberta travellers to explore the Rockies.


The Moonlight Run dog sled tours are only offered on clear, full moon nights because, as the name suggests, the Moonlight Run dog sled tours have only the moonlight and your dog’s instincts to guide you. With a maximum of 10 people these dog sled tours are rare and magical events for lucky BC and Alberta visitors. Be one with the pack!


The Little Bit of Heaven dog sled tours are the experience of a lifetime covering 34 kms and taking an average of 26 hours with an overnight stay in the mountain cabin. If you are a “hands on” type of person these are the dog sled tours for you as you are expected to take part in team preparation and care of the dogs while on these extended dog sled tours.