The best and quickest way to make a reservation is over the phone. (250 968 6808 or toll free in Canada 1 877 295 8505) However, you can also make an online reservation request by filling out the form below. We will then reply by phone or email to finalize the reservation and gather necessary payment details.

We require full payment when making a reservation. You will be emailed your confirmation once processed along with driving directions to our trail head and final reminders.


Guaranteed reservations may be cancelled before 6pm, 48 hours prior to your scheduled tour. However we will retain a handling fee of $50/reservation. Failure of the card holder to cancel their reservation prior to this time will result in NO refund of the FULL amount of their purchase.

Should a client not be able to attend due to illness, only they will be excused. All others will be expected at their scheduled tour.

Tours Leave ON TIME:

  • We will NOT hold a tour back for parties that are LATE!
  • If you miss your tour, NO REFUND will be provided!
  • Arrive at least 15 Minutes prior to your Tour Departure Time.
  • Allow Extra Time for poor driving conditions and to dress small children.

We will be in full operation unless one of these things happen:

  • We do not operate if the temperature is below -25 degrees Celsius (including wind chill).
  • If avalanche hazards come into play.
  • If there is an “official road closure” due to avalanche hazards or poor driving conditions.

If such occurrences happen, cardholders will receive a 100% refund, should they not wish to reschedule their tour.

Please include country code